The fourth year of IO2020: The New Innovators’ Summit, an event for startups and entrepreneurs, went virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic. Hosted on an interactive platform, leaders in the startup and enterprise innovation scene were able to connect, learn and experiment. The program focused on three different groups of attendees: startups, business leaders and enterprise teams. Individual investors and community innovators also attended the event.

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Many commentators have noted recently that the near-monopoly Silicon Valley has enjoyed in technology startups is beginning to erode. Last month, The Economist magazine dubbed the trend a “techsodus” from the Bay Area and stated that “[Silicon] Valley’s influence is peaking.”

Much of the venture capital investment aimed at technology startups is still raised in and flows into California, but increasingly, when startups look to scale their business models, they are doing it elsewhere, due to the increasingly high costs associated with the Bay Area in terms of talent, real estate, and taxes. This shift in investment will greatly benefit regions that have ample incentives in place to attract startups, areas like greater Kansas City and other cities throughout the Heartland.

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is launching a local emphasis program in Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri for programmed health inspections of industries known to use hazardous chemicals and who have reported release of such chemicals to the Environmental Protection Agency. Chemicals reported to the EPA that have been released into the environment include ammonia;