Federal Maritime Commission

All importers and exporters which ship through West Coast ocean ports are by now truly concerned about their cargo being on the shelves in time for sale during the holiday season, and on the export side that their cargo might not reach their buyers any time soon. To add insult to injury, most, if not all ocean carriers have announced congestion surcharges to go into effect on the West Coast November 17, 2014.
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Three of the world’s largest steamship companies serving Asia, Europe and the United States have submitted  an important vessel sharing agreement to the Federal Maritime Commission for approval. The net effect of this filing, if gone unchallenged, would be to provide these three carriers with anti-trust immunity for implementing certain practices normally in violation of anti-trust statutes. The Federal Maritime Commission said it would accept public comment on the “P3 Network Vessel Sharing Agreement” of Maersk, Mediterranean Shipping and CMA CGM until midnight Friday, Nov. 29. Current law provides that if the commission takes no action to seek an injunction or require additional information, the agreement will become effective 45 days after the original filing date of Oct. 24, i.e., on Dec. 8.
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