healthcareIn an April 2016 Interpretation Letter recently made publically available, OSHA responded to an inquiry about whether an employee’s self-treatment of wrist pain constituted medical treatment beyond first aid for recordkeeping purposes. The scenario at issue involved an employee who bought and used a rigid wrist brace due to experiencing wrist pain after working at a computer for a number of hours.  Later, when the employee saw a doctor at the occupational health clinic, the doctor determined that the brace was not necessary, but recommended that the employee continue to wear the brace if the employee felt it was relieving his pain.

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Husch Blackwell’s 3D Printing Team works to stay ahead in a field with rapid advancements. Husch Blackwell is positioned to play a major role in the 3D printing industry. In Part 1 of Husch Blackwell’s 3D Printing Team video, attorneys share how clients can benefit from our knowledge on Intellectual Property, medical regulations, and how

Husch Blackwell’s Laura Labeots St. Louis Institute of Nanoscience and Nanomedicine is scheduled to present at the St. Louis Institute of Nanoscience and Nanomedicine Presentation on December 12, 2015. Laura will be on a panel discussing NanoMedicine.

The St. Louis Institute of Nanoscience and Nanomedicine Symposium provides a platform for nanotechnology researchers and practitioners to:

  • Discuss recent advances in nanoscience, nanotechnology, and

3D Foot Bones Printing3D printing continues to transform the medical field. Recently, doctors in Spain produced the world’s first 3D-printed rib cage and sternum, which is made entirely of titanium. The doctors surgically implanted the metal rib cage and sternum in a cancer patient. Last month, the FDA approved the first 3D-printed drug. The drug, which Aprecia Pharmaceuticals has named Spritam, is for treating patients with epilepsy. Aprecia Pharmaceuticals’ ZipDose® Technology utilizes 3D printing that overlays multiple layers of powdered medication on top of one another until the correct dosage is reached. This type of technology can lead to easier-to-take medication that is individualized in nature with precise dosages based on a patient’s needs.

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spinningPlatesiStock_000011904878_LargeIt’s a dangerous world for protected information, with major breaches in the news and a challenging cyber-threat environment behind the scenes.  Cyber theft for competitive advantage, denial of service attacks, ransomware intrusions, and even state-sponsored espionage are real dangers, as are conventional breaches compromising individuals’ protected information.  State PII breach notification obligations loom large for customer and employee data.  For BtoC organizations, cardholder data can also be at risk.  And HIPAA/HITECH imposes its own breach response requirements for employers’ self-funded health plans.

Organizations must be prepared to respond to data breaches, but effective response is no small matter.  There are ten different channels of response activity for an organization that has suffered a security breach:  Security, Legal, Forensic, Law Enforcement, Regulators, Insurance Coverage, Public Relations, Stakeholders, Notification, and Personnel Management.  Most of these activities are involved in every breach, and all must be dealt with in significant breaches.  These activities are not sequential.  They play out in parallel, with interrelated effects … and with the response clock ticking.

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The Husch Blackwell Cortex office is co-located with innovators, entrepreneurs and start-up companies and provides quality consultation in a cost effective manner.  The Cortex Innovation Community is moving St. Louis toward becoming a world-class technology innovation district.

Start-up companies typically encounter a host of legal issues that cut across many legal disciplines. The goal of our Cortex initiative is to provide creative and innovative solutions targeted to the particular needs of the start-up and to provide these solutions in a cost effective manner.  Working with a start-up at their early stages is critical to their success.
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On Aug 5, 2013, the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) opened its draft Rules of the China Food and Drug Administration Legislation Procedure (the “Draft”) for public comment. The CFDA provided one month (August 5-September 5) to submit opinions on the new rules in the Draft. The Draft states the purposes of the new Rules are to regulate legislative procedures, guarantee the quality of legislation, and improve the efficiency of the legislation.
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