Global Entrepreneurship Week Kansas City (GEWKC) runs November 18–22. Founded by the Kauffman Foundation eleven years ago, GEWKC is an opportunity to celebrate the innovators and job creators right here in Kansas City.

Husch Blackwell is proud to sponsor the Wrap-Up Celebration, aptly titled The Most Informative Party You’ll Ever Attend, on November 22 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. In addition to providing a space to network with the attendees of GEWKC, Husch Blackwell attorneys Jenna Brofsky, George Khoukaz, and Liam Reilly will be in attendance to discuss how attendees can go about implementing the topics discussed throughout the week.

After hearing everyone’s wonderful ideas throughout the week, you just might be ready to take the plunge and form your own business. With so many different options, it is difficult to determine what type of business entity you should form. George Khoukaz, a Corporate, M&A, and Securities attorney, will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages regarding the different types of entities you could use. He will explore why you might choose an LLC over a Corporation and vice versa as well as discuss the tax implications of the different types of entities and explain what limited liability is and how it can shield your personal assets.

Have you heard about Uber or UPS being sued for misclassifying their employees as independent contractors? Jenna Brofsky, a Labor and Employment attorney, will be on-site to discuss the dangers of misclassifying a worker, especially when the business is so new. By looking at different cases, you can learn the potential penalties a new business could face and how to avoid those penalties by complying with the law.

Once you have your entity formed and you know how to classify your workers, you will need to know how to market your business. When formulating your marketing strategy, people often google words like “image of business man” or “computer analytics graphic.” They then take these images and play their favorite song to promote their business. Intellectual Property attorney Liam Reilly will explain fair use with respect to images and songs available on the internet, what copyright covers, and what you can do to ensure you comply with the law.

Leading up to the Wrap-Up Celebration, attendees will be able to attend numerous sessions to learn how to build and grow their businesses. One of the best parts about GEWKC is regardless of which track you identify as representative of you, you have the opportunity to build your schedule and decide which sessions fit your needs.

You still have time to learn about and sign-up for the event. Remember, every event is free but you are encouraged to sign-up ahead of time to save your place at the sessions you wish to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!