ipadI recently conducted a deposition from my office, while opposing counsel (and a court reporter) were at the opposing counsel’s offices across town, and our witness was at a third location in Louisiana – all via iPad!

We used the VidyoMobile app, which brings high-quality video conferencing to popular devices such as your iPad or smartphone. It was very easy to use – I just downloaded the app, got a link, and logged in. I could see all the parties at once (on a split screen) and no one had to travel.

The app allows for secure sharing and recording of documents, which makes it simple for court reporting and sharing sensitive information. Some court reporting services have already moved entirely to using the Vidyo-as-a-Service platform, which integrates with the VidyoMobile app.

Use of the app is predicated on having a Vidyo account, so one of the parties in your deposition (either your firm, opposing counsel, or selected court reporting service) will need to have one, but if you are looking for a fast and travel-free solution, you should definitely check it out. Download the app: iOS or Android