On April 28, 2015, Governor Jay Nixon signed Missouri House Bill 384 (H.B. 384), which created a Tax Amnesty Program (the Program) in the state of Missouri. See Mo. Rev. Stat. § 32.383. To qualify for the Program, taxpayers with delinquent tax bills must pay the full amount of any taxes owed prior to November 30, 2015. In exchange, the Missouri Department of Revenue (MDOR) will forego collection of any applicable interest, penalties, or other statutory additions to tax. The MDOR is also prohibited from pursuing a criminal case against taxpayers who participate in the Program unless a subsequent investigation shows the taxpayer engaged in fraudulent or criminal conduct while applying for amnesty. The Program applies only to tax liabilities due or due but unpaid on or before December 31, 2014, and extends only to taxpayers who are not currently a party to any criminal investigation. Taxpayers must also maintain compliance with all of the state’s tax laws for eight years after receiving amnesty.

Taxpayers who currently owe any Missouri taxes administered by the MDOR should consider participating in the Program in order to avoid paying hefty interest and penalties. The law provides a 90-day window, from September 1, 2015, to November 30, 2015, for taxpayers to apply for the Program. In the coming months, the MDOR is expected to provide guidance regarding the Program’s administration.

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